Due to numerous abuses regarding withdrawals, we are forced to change our cancellation policy:


Cancellation by you / individual registration

A print of your credit card is taken when you register.

  • In a period greater than 45 days before the internship, 50€ administration fees will be collected.
  • Within 15 to 45 days, the sum of 50% of the internship will be systematically debited from your card. No refunds will be made.
  • In less than 15 days, the sum of 100% of the course will be systematically debited from your card. No refunds will be made.

We accept cancellations due to accident or illness (with presentation of a medical certificate) only if the event took place shortly before the course (less than 45 days before the date of the course). If the illness or accident happened for example 3 months before the course and the pilot warns us 10 days before then 100% of the course will be collected.


Cancellation by you / group registration

You will be asked for the total amount of the course to validate the registration of a group, either by credit card, transfer or check.
In case of complete cancellation of the group:

  • In a period greater than or equal to 3 months before the internship, €300 administration fees will be collected.
  • Between 45 days and 3 months before the course, 50% of the amount will be systematically debited.
  • In less than 45 days, the sum of 100% of the internship will be systematically collected. No refunds will be made

If a person in the group withdraws, it will be up to either the person or the group to find a replacement. If no replacement is found, the entire course will be billed to the group/club.
Cancellation during the course:
Any course interrupted for any reason whatsoever does not give rise to any reduction in price. The entire course will have to be paid.
For example, regarding weekday courses, if the driver is not available during the reserve day (Friday), the entire course will still be collected.
Cancellation by K2

Before the course, in the event of cancellation due to weather, no amount will be collected.
In this case, we will offer you a later training date as a replacement.
During the stage


  • If no flight takes place: you will not be charged any payment.
  • If an average of two flights per day is carried out during the duration of the course, you will be charged for the entire course.
  • If only one flight is made during the course, the sum of €110/person will be charged.
  • The management reserves the right to interrupt the participation of a trainee if their technical level or physical fitness does not correspond to that required. Under no circumstances will this interruption give rise to a refund or payment of compensation.


  • For safety and educational reasons we do not accept the following sails:
  1. All glider not approved.
  2. Paramotor glider not approved for paragliding.
  3. Glider approved in D, CCC and C in 2 lines.
  4. Glider aerobatic/freestyle sails.

We refuse participation in the course to any paramotorist pilot who has never practiced paragliding. A minimum of 30 flights in the year is required and/or a week of advanced training in a paragliding school (a certificate from the school will be requested).

Any pilot showing up for the course with this type of sail will be refused. The amount of the course will be invoiced.
Certain pilots can be accepted with the sails mentioned above only if they have already participated in SIV courses within our K2 school and we have validated their registration together before the course.
If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.


For the 3-day courses

  • The reserve day on Friday will only be used if a whole day has been cancelled during the course. If, during a day, one or two flights could be validated, in addition to the other two days, the course will be validated and we will not use the reserve day. An average of two flights per day validates the course.
  • The reserve day on Friday will end around 5pm, including video debriefing.

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