Paragliding flight school

Paragliding courses & tandem flights
on lake Annecy

Take off from one of the most beautiful sites in Europe and experience a unique adventure between lake and mountains in the heart of the Alps.
Launch for a paragliding tandem flight, a piloting/SIV or a cross training with a qualified professional team among a FFVL approved paragliding school.

Take the great leap!

K2 parapente at your side for an exceptional flight! Discover the unique sensation of flying like a bird during your first tandem paragliding flight over Lake Annecy. K2 is specialized and at the forefront of modern piloting, safety and aerobatics. We put our passion for paragliding and our teaching skills at your service to make your first paragliding experience a memorable one!
Baptême Minipouss
Baptême Minipouss
12 à 15 min de vol - Enfants de -12 ans
85 €
Baptême Découverte
Baptême Découverte
10 à 15 min de vol - matin
95 €
Baptême Ascendance
Baptême Ascendance
20 à 30 min de vol - Après midi
115 €
Baptême sensation
Baptême sensation
20 min de vol - Après-midi
125 €
Baptême performance
Baptême performance
40 à 45 min de vol - Après-midi
150 €
Baptême Origin'aile
Baptême Origin'aile
40 à 45 min de vol + Sensation - Après-midi
175 €
Baptême prestige
Baptême prestige
1H15 de vol - Après-midi
200 €
Baptême "Le K2"
Baptême "Le K2"
1H15 de vol + figures acro - Après-midi
230 €
And why not offering an original and breathtaking gift to your loved ones? K2 parapente offers gift vouchers for a paragliding experience over Lake Annecy for adults and children, with photos and video memories.
Want to take a step into the air? Book online your paragliding flights online on our secure website, by choosing your date, the number of participants and your tandem flight options. Our flights are open to all, from mid-April to October.
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Le 05/02/2024
Take to the skies: France's winter paragliding highlights
Take to the skies for a winter paragliding adventure! Discover the must-see sites in France. Magical flights over snow-covered landscapes await you.
Le 07/12/2023
Discovering the Coupe Icare: When paragliding becomes an air show.
From 19 to 24 September, free-air enthusiasts gathered in Grenoble for one of the world's most impressive paragliding events.
Le 02/11/2023
Interview with Maxence Jorcin, co-founder of K2 Parapente
Interview with Maxence Jorcin, co-founder of the paragliding school "K2 Parapente". Maxence takes us into the history of this extraordinary adventure, revealing its fundamental values, its challenges and its future plans.
  • A passionate team
  • Our philosophy
  • Un lieu hors du commun
A passionate, professional and family team
K2 Parapente, who is it? Discover a top team to amaze you and take you on a unique adventure!
Our philosophy, go higher with you
K2 Parapente, what is it? Discover the story and the values of our school: in flight, in pictures and in smiles!
An extraordinary place above Annecy
K2 Parapente, where is it? Discover a magical playground in Haute Savoie to fly over!
Tandem paragliding flight
Accessible to all, young and old, with no limits.

A few strides to take off... and off you go!
Paragliding training courses
Two SIV qualified instructors for adapted teaching.

Piloting / SIV, thermalling or cross training in group and private lessons.
Rather be on earth?
Live to the full your outdoor desires around Lake Annecy!

We are also specialists in outdoor sports: bike rental, mountain biking, VTC, electric bikes, hiking... Find us in our shop on the shores of Lake Annecy, in Doussard (74).

If you're looking for an exceptional paragliding experience in the Annecy region, look no further! The K2 Parapente school is the ideal solution for you. As the region's leading professional paragliding school, we offer a variety of paragliding services to suit all levels.


For starters, tandem first flights with an experienced professional pilot from K2 Parapente offer you a safe and exciting paragliding experience. You'll have the chance to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains while learning more about how paragliding works and how to stay safe in the air.


If you'd like to start your paragliding adventure, K2 Paragliding's beginner training programmes are for you. They are specially designed to help you become a competent pilot in no time. You'll learn all the essentials, from basic theory to flying technique, landings and take-offs, and the use of safety equipment.

Advanced courses for experienced pilots are designed to improve your skill level and confidence in flight. K2 Paragliding instructors will use advanced teaching techniques to help you improve your flying, landing and take-off technique.
Finally, if you're experienced and want to fly on your own, K2 Paragliding offers free flying sessions. With their expertise and experience, the school's instructors can accompany you on your flights and give you advice on how to improve your flying technique.
All in all, if you're looking for an unforgettable paragliding experience in Annecy, you can count on K2 Parapente to provide quality services and perfect flying conditions to enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscapes and mountain panoramas.

A first paragliding flight over Lake Annecy is a unique experience that allows you to discover the beauty of the region in a spectacular way. The flight begins with an ascent of the mountain in a private shuttle before landing on the heights of the Col de la Forclaz plateau. Once you arrive, you'll be given safety instructions and tips on how to fly tandem with your instructor.
Once equipped, you'll take off with your instructor for a panoramic flight overlooking Lake Annecy and the surrounding area. You'll have a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, Alpine villages and the turquoise lake below. If you're lucky, you might even see paragliders seizing updrafts to fly over the mountains.
Paragliding on Lake Annecy is accessible to everyone, whether you're a novice or an experienced pilot. You don't need any special skills, or even to be in great physical condition. All you need is a bit of courage and a desire for adventure.

For experienced pilots looking to improve their skills, K2 Parapente also offers courses adapted to their level.

The flight lasts between 15 minutes and over an hour, but you'll remember the experience for the rest of your life. All in all, a paragliding experience on Lake Annecy is a fantastic adventure that will allow you to discover the majesty of nature while feeling the thrill of a tandem flight.


In short, if you're looking for a unique paragliding experience in the Annecy region, look no further than K2 Parapente. Their varied services and professionalism guarantee you a safe and unforgettable experience.


Don't forget the photo or video option when booking your flight with K2 Parapente. You'll be able to take home unforgettable memories of your adventures, in digital format, filmed by your instructor with a selfie pole!
Let's go for a legendary Savoyard flight!

K2 Parapente - Google MAP

Address for tandem flights

K2 Parapente / K2 Outdoor
455 route de la vieille église
06 72 73 76 58


Open hours

We are open every day:

- Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


- By car: The K2 Parapente school is located in the K2 Outdoor store, 5 minutes from Lake Annecy and 17 km from Annecy city center. Access is via the D1508 departmental road which runs along the lake, south of Annecy. You can also arrive via Faverges, Ugine and Albertville. A large free car park allows you to park in front of the K2 Outdoor store.
- By bus: A regular bus line connects Annecy, Doussard and Albertville.

- By bike: Don't hesitate to come by bike too: the Lake Annecy greenway passes in front of the outdoor store. Many mountain bike and VTC circuits start all around Doussard.

Address for paragliding trainees

K2 Parapente
Plan Montmin
04 50 64 08 78



Open hours

We are open every day:

- Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.



Driving courses take place from Talloires-Montmin.

Take the direction of Plan-Montmin, then
continue straight and go down into the village.

The house is right at the crossroads of two roads.
For those who knew “La Chavane”, our new premises are 200m ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions K2 Paragliding


Where does the takeoff take place?

We will meet you on the day of your jump at the K2 Paragliding store. We climb to the Col de la Forclaz at an altitude of 1250 m with our K2 paragliding mini bus. The Col de la Forclaz spot is known throughout the world. There is an exceptional view of Lake Annecy and the Alps in the background.

How long does the flight last in the air?

The paragliding flight varies from 10 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes. It all depends on the formula you choose. Discover all our Tandem flights options

How to dress for the flight?

Dress as if you were going for a walk in the mountains: a pair of comfortable closed shoes (sneakers are good), a windbreaker and sunglasses. Afterwards you can choose to wear shorts and a t-shirt or pants and a sweater depending on the season.

Does an introduction to paragliding make you dizzy?

Do not confuse vertigo and fear of heights. Vertigo is mechanical, it's your brain registering two different pieces of information (my feet are on the ground but I see emptiness). However, when you fly, you are above the void and your feet do not touch the ground, so no risk! The fear of heights is psychological. You just have to confront it and take the plunge to overcome it!

What age is recommended for tandem paragliding?

There is no age limit, but it is best to be 4 or 5 years old to fully enjoy it. Find out more and remove all your preconceptions



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